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some of these characters are already dead


More important goth baby draws

even if the first ten seconds of a female character’s introduction is telling the protagonist to piss off, and then kicking his left buttock halfway down the street when he doesn’t, i can still predict with 100% accuracy “oh, she’s the love interest”
because a girl seeming like an hardass with no desire for the hero’s company only seems to increase the chances she will end up falling into his arms by the end of the story

how utterly jacked is that nonsense

the more i think about it the more i remember just how much i hate that trope. even if it wasn’t a load of sexist crap playing into how women are always used as a reward for the hero in the end, it’s always so consistently forced, rushed, and predictable. it’s not interesting and there’s never any chemistry or tension about it. we just know it’s going to happen, because some unspoken law says it has to, whether we like it or not, and whether it is remotely believable or not; do writers not realize this? do they actually think this is a legitimately interesting writing or that it’s there’s ever any doubt or surprise for when it happens?
or do they just not care?

it honestly baffles me that it’s so prevalent. even if it wasn’t in the name of feminism you’d think it’d have lost steam for writers by now for no other reason than how utterly hollow and dull it is every single time.

i mean

if i can accurately predict “oh she’s going to be the hero’s love interest” literally ten seconds into her very first scene then Your Writing Is Bad

GotG is alright but it did remind me how much I despise the whole “Since I am the only woman, the protagonist and I shall form romantic/sexual tension at terminal velocity no matter how hard and independent I seemed at the beginning of the movie" thing

I know books and tutorials exist but when it comes to getting started and how to use animation programs to begin with, my brain is the type of thing that sort of… requires another actual person showing me what I’m doing with me. Idk once I know what to do, I’m good at being autonymous by repetition, but i need to be given the instructions from another breathing, responsive person i can interact with/as questions myself first. I have trouble absorbing it initially otherwise.
Coz I know a lot of it is practice, but it’s the very basics of the skill I need help getting into because when I try to read instructions or watch videos my brain turns into static.

googles around for animation schools, or at least schools that offer courses in animation anywhere near me that don’t require you to enroll in a full load of other unrelated classes with it
reminded once again that i live in the american midwest corn ocean and crumple into a heap on the ground



I was thinking about the static elemental I drew and, if used outside of PD I already came up with a rough idea for a story with them.

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