Gateway to Cyclops Hell

my grandma pulled up in front of the house and i went out to see what she needed and she asked if my mom liked ham and when i said i didn’t know she pulled a wad of deli sliced ham from a baggie and put it in my bare hand to give to mom later and then left

some warmups that turns specifically into buggy alien headsthe blue is probably my favorite, while i accidentally made the green look like the aliens from district 9

some warmups that turns specifically into buggy alien heads
the blue is probably my favorite, while i accidentally made the green look like the aliens from district 9

Another batch of text-only ask responses!

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I really appreciate the Galactic Rangers in RaC 3, because even though they’re cowardly lion types, they are good guys and are at least trying to save people and provide assistance to you. The president is likewise clueless but still goes “Oh shit look over there a villain”

The most baffling thing about RaC 1 was that literally nobody tries to stop Drek except you. In fact hardly anyone even complains. I mean we SEE he finished the planet he was constructing. At least 7 or 8 entire planets had to be completely obliterated by this guy to patch it together and nobody acknowledges this is a thing that is happening.

the SR girls as RQ’d by Az who recently had a birthday O vO)/

also it wasn’t until i drew that nose boop that i realized something
how does demersa fit her nose into her gas mask? is it science? magic? or do the laws of space simply know better than to question her?

last level of ratchet and clank 1 where you return to veldin more like

*perfects visibomb steering skills*

*positions self in safe spot, abuses visibomb to take out all elite blarg troops and assault ships from half a mile away, move forward to a safe spot in the area i just cleared, repeat process*

i forgot just how much of the first game is spent with Ratchet and Clank being petty and bickering at each other like total babies because Quark tricked them into falling down a hole

also in between comic work, since my internet was out, i fired up my playcubes and played the first Ratchet and Clank game again ((will do the rest of the original trilogy later; the new trilogy is my intended form of entertainment after surgery next week))

holy crap it took me back. it’s weird how my muscle memory for the controls is still 100% intact after all this time, and even though the character models are now pretty aged, the level design is still so visually interesting and fun to look at.

i may have mentioned it before, but one of my favorite ‘little things’ about the RaC games is that on most levels, when you first get out of your ship, until you start moving the camera is positioned at a special height, distance, and angle so you get a beautiful panoramic sort of view of the landscape you’re about to explore. i always loved those, because they give a really good sense of scale. it’s amazing tat something as cartoony as ratchet and clank manages to make you feel small in a big universe full of varied, alien stuff, and all the more modern, ‘serious’ type scifi just completely fails to make me feel that scope as a whole, let alone with little details like a level’s opening camera angle.

also it’s really weird seeing quark be self-aware and legitimately threatening/manipulative considering how each game after the first made him more and more of a comical buffoon as he become more of a good guy


The crab is confused by physics.

my internet flat out died entirely for a couple days! but, i did get more comic work done. some warm up doodles from before each session.
also revamping plasmin is giving me a hard time

i do lover her with snakelike features but i really enjoy how B looks hmmm