Gateway to Cyclops Hell

how the fuck is Fairy type supposed to be super-effective against Dragon I mean I know you want to balance the game but I’m imagining a huge medieval dragon looking all menacing and this tiny twinkling fairy the size of a kitten flutters up and punches the dragon in the jaw with her teenytiny fist and he’s somehow sent flying into the horizon and I’m laughing my ass off

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    ^ That
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    oh snap
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    tell that to Flora, Fauna and Merryweather
  13. adventurelily said: !!! this is why i brought up pokemon earlier !!!
  14. wickerchild said: Well, If you play mythos, Dragon is brute force and faires. Well, Nordic Fairies make Dragons look like little lizards who want belly rubs, same with some Japanese faires. May have to do with that,
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